Dogs and Water

It is so important that people understand NEVER to force their pet into doing something they don’t want to do EVEN if you know/think it is best for your pet. The best way to get people to understand this is to help put them in their pet’s shoes. Imagine being afraid of water. Forcing your pet into the ocean is like throwing a person who cannot swim or has a fear of drowning into a diving pool. This will NOT help them but instead REINFORCE their fear. This will only make him more anxious and anxious dogs can become unpredictable dogs who may bite. 12672109_10100295580481200_8291611778170570304_o.jpgTake small steps and I promise, it will be worth it. Start with a small tuperware filled with water and place it inside your house somewhere that your dog visits often and feed your dog for acknowledging it’s existence. Then, graduate to a kiddie pool, then a lake, and then the ocean. This will build your pet’s confidence not only with water or whatever your pet is afraid of but also his/her confidence in you.

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