Is your cat fat or flabulous?



Is that a snack pouch? No, it’s called a primordial pouch and it doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat is fat since lean cats have it too. Cats are both predators AND prey in the wild which means fighting is inevitable. Their sharp claws, teeth, speed, and extraordinary balancing ability are not enough especially when they are injured which is where the primordial pouch comes into play. If you look closely to its borders, it hangs below your cat’s gastrointestinal tract protecting it from injury. It also aids in stretching and flexibility since we all know cats stretch A LOT since they sleep 70% of the time. If you are still not convinced that your cat is more flabulous than fat, please contact your veterinarian and make sure that your cat is eating the best diet.

A wet food ONLY diet comes highly recommended by veterinarians who specialize in feline medicine. Even the most affordable brands like Fancy Feast pate are better preferred over any dry kibble since cats are carnivores and dry foods tend to contain a higher percentage of carbohydrates and significantly less moisture than any wet food. The following review shares information about the highest quality food brands and what makes them the best diets for your cats: The Best Cat Food

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