Inappropriate Suckling in Kittens: “Why is my kitten sucking on his or his siblings’ genitals or limbs?”

33594529_390136734818589_6818659254149316608_oAbandoned kittens need extra comfort or else inappropriate suckling can occur to mimic the bond that would have formed with their mother. This kitten onesie was made from one of my socks to protect him from his siblings. To help prevent this dangerous and potentially fatal habit, kittens can benefit from being brushed with a toothbrush since it feels as close to a cat tongue as we can get. Exposing them to various fabric materials especially fleece can serve as a great source of enrichment. Feliway, a commercially available pheromone spray, some extra warmth, and the sound and vibration of a heart beat can help mimic a nurturing and natural environment.

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