Noise Phobias

These tips are not only great for fireworks but also for construction, thunderstorms, and other loud noises. My dog has broken out of his crate numerous times during thunderstorms and what has helped him is desensitizing him to thunder and lightening sounds via YouTube while he is eating his daily meals. This is a great exercise to do with young puppies and kittens to prevent noise anxiety. Start at very low volume and then increase it as your pet appears to be more comfortable with the sounds. If your pet is anxious but not anxious enough to still take food, a rawhide, stuffed Kong or any other puzzle toy (kibble nibble, tug-a-jug, etc.) is also helpful. I also try to do laundry, play some classical music or white noise, or an audio book for my pets if I know a storm is coming to try to block out some of the noise. There are also several calming accessories like calming collars, calming pheromone dispensers, calming jackets and vests. Lastly, if your pet wants to hide, let them hide and tell them it’s okay. You CANNOT reinforce fear but you can try to sooth it.6129

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