Administering Eye Drops

A sick pet is usually a stressed pet so it is important to make your pet not only comfortable while recovering but ensure that his medication administration does not add any additional stress which can potentially further delay healing. If your cat needs eye medication, using a tasty treat will not only help to position his head but also to help associate the drops with something positive. Squeeze a small amount of ‘Easy Cheese’ or something equally stinky and delicious onto your finger, spoon, or pretzel (in case your cat tries to take a bite). Get him used to the position and the bottle rising above his head to desensitize him to something hovering. You can drop some eye flush or lube into his eyes first just in case the medication you are administering stings. Name the action something like ‘drop time’ instead of calling your pet’s name since if he hates the medication and you call his name, he may not come to you any more. Make the drop time as positive as possible so that when he hears you say it, he will think more about the treat than the drop.

***Be careful NOT to scruff your cat as this can be extremely painful and traumatizing for an adult cat, especially. Instead, gently wrap your cat like a burrito in a towel for restraint.***

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