Cat Toilet Training

Cats descended from their ancestors who were both predators AND prey. This is IMPORTANT because they need to rely heavily on territorial security. Their territorial security is LARGELY dependent on scent which is why when you bring a cat into your home, you need to provide her with various textured fabrics, beds (especially hooded beds) and cat trees, scratchers AND litter boxes in places that are convenient for the cat with plenty of escape routes. Poop and pee are just as important to her territorial security as the textured fabrics which absorb her scent and the cat trees and scratchers which she will scratch to transfer her scent. Remember, in order to build a bond, there has to be a mutual respect from both parties. Please don’t remove something that adds to your cat’s security by toilet training them. You want love, affection, and companionship and in order for your cat to provide you these things, she needs to feel safe.FB_IMG_1497930486668

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