“Lana not only has an amazing touch with animals but she also has a way of working with people. She teaches you how an animal would think about a situation and then caters the training to their thought process with positive reinforcement. My puppy, Zenya, and I have been in training classes with Lana since Zenya was 8 weeks old (now 9 months old). Lana helped us create a strong foundation to help Zenya be the best dog she could be. Everything from desensitizing, to proper socialization and introductions, and commands that can be used on a daily basis with the flow of life. Lana did a great job of teaching me how to do positive reinforcement training and eliminate the need for many other training methods that are often looked down upon. Zenya loved going to class and turned out to be an amazing dog with the help and guidance of Lana!” -Monique Misfeldt, Veterinary Student

“Tonight Frankie and I said goodbye to an amazing animal caretaker. Lana has been a constant in the lives of our foster dogs. Rain, snow, or sun she is there to walk our dogs and allows herself to fall in love with each one. She is moving to Florida and we are going to miss her an incredible amount. It is rare that you find someone who is so devoted and asks nothing in return. Lana, as much as Frankie and I will miss you, we know the dogs will miss you more.” -Erica Kutzing, Animal Rescuer, President of Strong Island Animal Rescue, Owner of Only The Best For Your Pets

“Lana is an amazing trainer!! She took a HIGHLY cat aggressive dog and adopted him from the shelter and he now lives with cats and LOVES them!! She is honest, reliable and trustworthy!! She will love and train your fur babies like her own. I can’t say enough about her and her passion to help animals.” -Janelle Marrone, Adoptions Manager at Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic & Ranch

“Lana is absolutely amazing. She truly cares about improving relationship that you have your pet along with training. Highly recommend her!” -Kristen Mader, Veterinary Student

“I adopted a shy frightened feral kitten that Lana had rescued. No one else believed that this cat could have been domesticated, except Lana. She was patient with her and helped her learn to trust humans. My cat is now a perfect happy house cat. I never met anyone else who loves, respects and treats animals better than Lana does. I can confidently say that she will love your pet like it was one of her own.” -Gina Blake, Adopter

“Lana is one of the most caring and passionate people I have met! She is amazing with all animals and is truly talented as a trainer. Lana is also great at teaching other people and owners about training, as well as their pets. She is compassionate and able to see the world through animals’ eyes, which makes her a wonderful trainer.” -Danielle Mary, Veterinary Student

“Lana is the best. You’ll see as well. Good things come in small packages, she will love and train your animals as well.” -Stuart Perlin, Adopter