Bathing Your Barker


Does your dog hate taking a bath? Here are some tips and fun photos too for your entertainment since I bathed my two dogs this evening.
1) Get yourself a cute apron and a positive attitude. Brush your dog out and clean his ears before the bath.
2) One of the reasons why dogs hate baths is because they are usually caught by surprise by the cold loud stream of evil that they can’t help but try to escape. Associating a word with the action will help alleviate some of the element of surprise. Break the bath apart to figure out which particular part of the bath is the most frightening. For example, say “bath time,” run the faucet, and give your dog a treat. You can also run the faucet during meal time (or play a YouTube video of running water to save water) to desensitize your dog to the sound. Maybe it is the tub that is terrifying? The acoustics of the bathroom? Feed your dog in the bathroom and make sure to line the tub with a towel to prevent him from slipping.
3) Line the tub with a towel or non-slip material. Fill the tub/sink with a few inches of warm water to help your dog acclimate to the water.
4) Rub some tearless shampoo into a washcloth and start with your dogs face and then the rest of his body. Be careful around his eyes, ears, and nose and make sure his head is tilted upward so that no water penetrates.
5) Secure your dog with a groomer’s loop, a martingale, or with the help of a friend so he doesn’t slip or get loose when wet. Use a mobile attachment shower-like head instead of a faucet so that your dog doesn’t feel so trapped in one place and you get all of the shampoo out.
6) Make sure your dog is as dry as possible with a towel or blow dryer on a cool setting and reward your dog with bone, stuffed food toy, or other special treat that your dog can always expect after the bath.

One comment

  1. I’m going to have to try giving my dog a treat during bath time to see if that eases him and makes bath time more enjoyable for everyone involved. I’ve had him since he was born and was the only one who ever took care of him. So his fear of the bath time is odd….but from the beginning he’d freak out and clutch onto my arm for dear life. Poor thing, I love him to death…..but I have to try giving him a treat to see if that works.


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