Jealous and Guilty or Protective and Appeasing?

Anthropomorphism of animals can be very dangerous especially when over 75% of guardians believe their pet is capable of GUILT and JEALOUSY. We often project these feelings onto our pets due to their body language, especially GUILT, since it is usually a response to us punishing them by scolding but instead, your pet is offering you appeasing behaviors to avoid being hurt by you. If you are to punish your dog for eliminating in the house and come home to another accident and your dog greets you with a cowering posture, an averting gaze, rolling over to show you her belly, a low tail wag, submissive smile, retreating or running away from you, air licking, and overall lowering of the body and ears, you may be convinced that the way you are trying to train her is working but in reality, punishing your dog for eliminating, a very natural behavior, will most likely result in your dog becoming afraid of eliminating IN FRONT OF YOU and will instead find a dark corner, go under the bed, and will refuse to go to the bathroom outside since you are present. If you are still convinced that your dog has the mental capacity to feel these emotions (which they don’t), I dare you to randomly ask your dog in the same scolding tone you usually use, “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” and I bet your dog will offer you these same behaviors since dogs are masters of reading human body language. JEALOUSY is also another emotion we accuse our pets of feeling but in reality, they are just displaying their sensitivity to resources and dogs just so happen to be eternal optimists and hope for equal or better treatment, always.19059649_301768526950536_4553582167123648118_n

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