Abandoned Kitten Care

It’s kitten season which means fosters are needed for abandoned babies like my little girl here. She can’t maintain her body temperature which means she always needs an external heat source whether it be inside my bra so we are skin to skin, next to a low setting heating pad, an incubator, a hot water bottle, or a sock full of rice that can be heated up in the microwave. You will also need a milk replacer since most cats are lactose intolerant to mix into canned kitten food and a little water to form a soup-like gruel. Never feed your kitten while she is on her back like you would a human baby as this can cause her to inhale it and die of pneumonia since at this age, a kitten does NOT have a gag reflex. Instead, hold her upright and inject a droplet of the gruel into the side of her mouth allowing her to swallow on her own. Fostering kittens is a 24/7 job and it isn’t an easy one since the younger they are, the more fragile they are so always make sure to speak with a veterinarian or an experienced veterinary technician/assistant before taking a kitten home to make sure you have all the right equipment and are using it correctly. Keep your kittens away from your other animals as most kittens carry parasites and other diseases. Always wash your hands before touching your kitten as well as afterwards to make sure you aren’t introducing any germs to your kitten or to anyone else. When she finally starts seeking out food on her own, make sure she remains by her heat source to mimic her eating with her mother and siblings. Fostering saves lives!18588852_288898364904219_7730702610460373365_o.jpg

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