Force is Fast but Treats Teach

While in veterinary school, a visiting farm animal behaviorist told me personally to talk “behavior” to anyone who will listen whether it be the person who is sitting next to me on a plane, a friend, etc. because over 80% of people STILL use force with their pets whether they are farm animals or small animals and it is my responsibility to share what I know to help reduce this number as significantly as I can with the knowledge I know. It isn’t always easy because force usually works fast when it comes to getting animals to do what you want and most people need to see it to believe it but using force has its consequences and may cause bigger issues down the road and will definitely harm the human-animal bond. Although force free and positive reinforcement training may take just a little longer just like taking the time to understand the concept usually takes longer than memorizing it, it helps an animal trust you which also makes them want to train with you because they feel safe and calm. It is important to understand your pets body language and recognize whether what you are doing with or to your pet is helping to build your bond or hurt your bond. Most of us with pets chose to add them to our lives for companionship so please keep this in mind when you are training them.12605337_10100273914914170_2328826545368784507_o

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